Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you, NY1

We were so happy with the report that Jeanine Ramirez of NY1 News did on Monkey Doodle Dandy and Squaredy Cats! In case you missed it, we were on New York Tonight on NYC Time Warner Cable station NY1.

Squaredy Cats fans should take note: There may be some things you see in the video that just might be clues to a future scavenger hunt contest. Just sayin' ;)

Here's a link to the video and article.

And here's the best way we can think of to show our appreciation :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day - Electric boogaloo

It's Earth Day, everybody! We can't all drive electric cars like Squaredy Cats (the creators actually drive a Mini Cooper). We, at the company, Monkey Doodle Dandy do everything we can to be as green as possible. We reuse scrap paper as often as possible, and use recycled materials whenever we can What kinds of things do you suggest we do to be even more green as the inventors of Squaredy Cats?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creators interview on Ideas Uploaded podcast

Elaine and Kurt (the Squaredy Cats creators) were recently interviewed by Tara of the Ideas Uploaded blog. The blog is a valuable source for creative types. You'll find out what inspires designers, inventors, licensors, and anyone else in the toy industry.

We were both a bit squared about being interviewed via Skype, not knowing what to expect. We were given an outline of the questions we'd be asked; but between not being fully prepared despite that fact (because we're always working), and both of us being somewhat "camera shy" we were somewhat nervous. Elaine did a fine job of speaking for both of us as I stumbled through confused thoughts, irrelevant tangents and unfinished run-on sentences ;)

Listen to the podcast interview or take a look at the blog post if you're interested in hearing more about how Squaredy Cats came about and our experiences making it happen.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Speak for Autism

It's Autism Awareness Week. Please take a minute to look at these links to familiarize yourself with the disorder or to donate to the mission to find a cure.

Autism at Wikipedia  •  Autism Speaks, Home Page