Monday, March 3, 2014

Evelyn (and Molly) has MORE ideas!

More from Evelyn and her friend, Molly…

Dear Monkey Doodle Dandy,
I made more drawings of the Squaredy Cats! Me and my friend drew them. I think they are super cute! We would like you to make these kinds of cats! Pretty please?! sic]

Dear Evelyn,
We love all the Squaredy Cats you and Molly drew! Keep up the good work. We've made some drawings like this ourselves, and hope that we can make each and every one of them into plush. Thanks for loving Squaredy Cats! And thank you for showing us your artwork!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Evelyn has some ideas!

We got a really cool set of drawings in the mail from Evelyn in North Carolina. Thanks, Evelyn!

"Dear Monkey Doodle Dandy, I love the Squaredy Cats and if you are still thinking of some ideas I have some. I would like to know if you could make Squaredy Cats out of my ideas. I am in 4th grade and I have Scarlett! If you are not doing the Squaredy Cat business anymore that's okay, but if you like them tell me. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Dear Evelyn,
First, we should say, YES! Of course we are still doing Squaredy Cats! Monkey Doodle Dandy is tiny, but extremely busy with fun stuff. We get busy sometimes with other work, and can't keep up with the Facebook page and the blog (not to mention our Twitter and our Tumblr), but we are ALWAYS thinking of new ideas. Sometimes it's an idea for a new plush (they take a long time to get made), and sometimes it's other ideas.
It's nice to hear you have Scarlett. She means a lot to us. She was named after a very special niece to the creators of Squaredy Cats.
We love your ideas too. Some of them are similar to cats we've already made, and others are outrageous  and fun. And we LOVE the names you came up with. Soooo cute!
Thanks for loving Squaredy Cats!

PS Below your artwork we posted a pic we did for North Carolina :)