Friday, January 15, 2010

Order in, order up

Sometimes it makes sense to just stay in and snuggle up.

This Squaredy Cat seemed so simple at first, and we decided to add the chop sticks to evoke thoughts of delicious sushi (which cats LOVE!) and yummy Chinese food. Well, the chop sticks eventually made their way into the paws of another cat that should have had them in the first place. The colors are very important, but the subtle props are what give each cat their individual character.
The "not squared to order take-out" image was posted on our Facebook yesterday with the question, "What's your favorite take-out or delivery food?" We got so many answers, and were happy to read them all. We love the fans, and appreciate all the support, including all the wall posts we get :)
Yes, we also love sushi, pizza, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Italian food!

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