Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eight arms and nine lives!

This itsy bitsy Squaredy Cat is in costume.

We wanted to hold out until Halloween to post this cat, but we just couldn't wait. We have a bunch of cats we designed for Halloween before we started the blog and Facebook pages. Should we wait until October to post them?
This itsy bitsy Squaredy Cat was actually designed around the same time as the "not squared to bug you" cat, and not necessarily for Halloween, but since it's fun and spooky we're tagging it that way. Joining the other costumed Squaredy Cats this wall crawler can scare away those creepy little critters so you don't have to be squared.


  1. Ooooh - (or, Boo! - did I scare you?) I love the spooky/cute squardey cat - great colors and design! Should you wait until October to post the rest? How about waiting until September - then you'll catch us with new stuff right about the time I'm doing my torturous costume search exercise (which is MUCH worse than yoga or pilates!) and can inspire those of us seeking cool halloween-ey outfits. :-)