Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free iPhone app is live!

The ShakyPlanet iPhone app is live…and it's FREE!

Now you can download ShakyPlanet for your iPhone, and collect Squaredy Cats ShakyGlobes.

We've made 3 so far (just search the ShakyPlanet store for the titles below or look in the Monkey Doodle Dandy collection for all of our globes!
The "not squared to go green" ShakyGlobe is FREE :)

The "not squared of yer booty" ShakyGlobe is 99¢

The "not squared of wasabi" ShakyGlobe is 99¢

See how ShakyPlanet and ShakyGlobes work in this video:

If you don't have an iPhone, see what Little Ricky Software's ShakyGlobe app is all about here.

If you have an iPhone, download the FREE app and globes, and write a review here.

If you would like to tell us which Squaredy Cats you'd like to see in more ShakyGlobes tell us at this link.

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