Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not squared to be a 'Domer

Fred Firestone, the famous Clap-O-Meter, and Joanna Firestone of Punderdome 3000.

We'd like to thank Fred and Joanna Firestone of Punderdome 3000 for sharing Squaredy Cats with the 'Domers in the audience at Punderdome hosted at Littlefield in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

To get the crowd warmed up for the puns of the evening Fred usually tosses out Paydays to audience members who can solve his pun riddles the fastest. He might ask something like, "What is the headline on the day that a fortune telling little person robs a bank, and is on the run?" An audience member yells out, "Small Medium at Large!" and Fred tosses them a Payday.

Last night Fred threw out six Squaredy Cats when several members of the audience correctly and quickly guessed the answer to, "What would you call a cube-shaped fraidy-feline?" The fellow behind us seemed tickled to have caught Dazzle (not squared of the SPOTLIGHT), but the rest of the plush cats disappeared into the darkness as groping hands grabbed them. We'd love to hear from whoever caught Midnight (not squared of the DARK), Tiger Lily (not squared to GO WILD), Zanie (not squared to be UNIQUE), Giggles (not squared to ACT SILLY), and Candie (not squared to be SWEET).

Fred Firestone tosses out a Squaredy Cat—Zanie (not squared of the spotlight).
Punderdome 3000 is a tournament style pun competition in which participants have the stage to string together puns based on a topic provided by Joanna. The punsters only have 90 seconds to write down some notes, and time to formulate their plan while the other participants take their turns at giving the audience reasons to groan and laugh.

Squaredy Cats is proud to have had the opportunity to share their love of puns. Squaredy Cats, after all is a play on words, and a plush medium for social expression. When Squaredy Cats were designed in 2008 the first few were distinctively puns. Remember "not squared of yer BOOTY?"

Since then, Squaredy Cats has evolved into a phenomenon of expression, now available as Plush from Kids Preferred. Order them for your store today!

Tiger Lily, Zanie, Candie, and Kurt Marquart & Elaine de la Mata—the inventors of Squaredy Cats.

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