Wednesday, December 2, 2009

not squared of bad luck

Originally, this one was designed with a different kind of humor in mind. We were exploring how far of a stretch there could be between the humor of the phrase and the image. The original phrase for this one was "not squared of malls," but it didn't really make sense to anyone. The idea was that it was a cat "dressed in black" not interested in anything trendy. It was too much of a separation, and never worked.
It made so much sense when we had a V-8 moment. Black cats are supposed to be bad luck for those whose paths they cross. So, it made sense they themselves wouldn't be afraid of bad luck.
Ironically, the chipped ear is an indication he's run across some bad luck at some point. The hole on the edge of the ear was an idea from an old family cat named Spooky, but the ironic scar was funny enough to leave as is when we changed the caption.

And, now this one is a sticker

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