Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't make me scream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Squaredy Cats!

Welcome to our Facebook fans. We recently set up the Squaredy Cats Blog to feed directly onto our Facebook Page. Here some of what you'll get to see is what our thoughts were in our individual designs. We hope you enjoy it and invite your friends :)

"Not squared to scream" has been on the plate for almost a year, but with all we are developing for Squaredy Cats it was difficult to get many new designs done. Our friend Anne has a baby, and for a long time he would just scream and scream! She asked us to do a "not squared to scream" cat that was for a boy.

We're glad it took so long for us to do for two reasons:

1. We only recently started to break out of our original design rules we set for ourselves, and this cat is breaking one we had already broken plus two more! He's not sitting flat like all of our original Squaredy Cats, but the two new additions are a longer tail and a chin. We started using the big happy smile only recently, but with a scream we though it made sense to break out of the square a little to show he's really screaming. You'll see more designs that incorporate this feature in future cats.

2. We designed the "not squared to scream" cat just in time for John Henry's 1st birthday. Happy birthday, John Henry!

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