Monday, April 12, 2010

If I can meow there, I can meow anywhere

Squaredy Cats started in NY. It's up to you where they go!

We had the idea to do a Squaredy Cat for each of the 50 states, and it's up to you, the fans which one comes next. Post your vote on our Facebook page wall, and we'll keep a running tally. So far the reaction is great! We love that you love it!
Thanks to your overwhelming support we're getting requests for more than just states, and we're answering the call. This evening we'll be posting the most requested country. So, we'll be adding an album of countries that are represented by Squaredy Cats fans!
We chose the Statue of Liberty as a representation for New York because of its iconic nature. We usually think of the nation itself when we think of the image; but Lady Liberty resides in the good state of New York, and we're proud to turn her into a Squaredy Cat.


  1. do NORTH CAROLINA! <3

  2. Thanks, we're counting your vote, and NC will be done soon! Thanks for checking out the blog :)