Thursday, April 22, 2010

Washington - the state :P

Washington is the newest state cat to be posted to the blog, and as Washingtonians will tell you - Washington is a state! So many cats get Washington state confused with Washington DC where the capitol is. Hello to all the Squaredy Cats fans in Washington!
And remember: An apple a day keeps the doctor away ;)

PS Happy Earth Day!


  1. please do Massachusetts next. its has lots of fun things you could put on the cat. from the colonies to the revolutionary war or the endless winters or the boiling sun, the city Boston, cape cod, beaches and theres so much more you could do. please take this into consideration. There are not many fans of your from mass so if you did a squardey cat for it lots of people would join from ma. thank you for considering.

  2. Hi, Anonymous :) Thanks, we are DEFINITELY doing Massachusetts. We have a few votes for it, and yours will count too! Keep looking it'll be up soon. Please help spread the Squaredy Cats love around by suggesting our page to friends.