Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another "You imagine it…" Contest

Squaredy Cats could be in the stores soon!

The last "You Imagine It" contest we had was so much fun we're doing it again!

The WINNERS will get tell us what Squaredy Cat to design next! We're going to pick 5 Squaredy Cats fans to tell us their idea for a Squaredy Cat (color, "not squared of…", etc.).

We're working on plushy Squaredy Cats, but we need stores to hear from you so they know you want them in the store.

Starting today, we are going to monitor the real Claire's Facebook page.
We'll keep track of posts. Anyone who asks the Claire's Facebook page at this link:
http://www.facebook.com/claires ) when they will have Squaredy Cats plush in their stores will be entered into our contest. Just post the question to their wall.

You can say something like, "Hey, I LOVE Claire's! When are you going to have Squaredy Cats in the store???"
or try, "I wish you could sell Squaredy Cats plush!"

Be creative. We're going to pick the most creative post, and then 4 others randomly. You can post there now, this weekend or next week. We'll announce the 5 winners May 21 on the Squaredy Cats Facebook page. The winners can give us their ideas, and we'll post the new cats the following week.

What are you waiting for? ;)


  1. Not squared to be a ROCKSTAR!!!

  2. Army or other Military branch kitty...
    A pancake or waffle kitty...
    A Disney kitty...
    'Not squared to paint your room/remodel' and splattered with paint
    Last idea...'Not squared to be in love'

  3. How about a levitating cat: Not Squared to defy gravity!

  4. not squared to love wyoming :)

  5. 'not squared to be irken'
    :) (its from invader zim :P)

  6. To Invader_Kenzii: Or to be gir...
    Anyways...the reason I am posting:
    not squared to be round!!!

  7. not squared to <3 Pennsylvania

    not squared to laugh 4 no reason

  8. Not Squared to be a nerd :)

  9. not squared to <3 squaredy cats

  10. Not sqaured to rescue kitties and puppies.

  11. Not squared to love spongebob! The cat would be yellow with brown pants and a tie.

  12. not squared to stare death in the face.

  13. not squared to pray.
    could be the pope.

  14. not squared to go to faith camp

  15. not squared to love PARIS!!! <3