Monday, December 10, 2012

...And they told two friends...and so on...

We absolutely LOVE getting fanmail to our snail mail address (find it here), but it's even cooler when fans of Squaredy Cats draw pictures for us! We're artists, and we think everyone else is an artist too! Drawing is so expressive, so when someone takes the time to make a drawing for us we really appreciate it.

So, it turns out we got a letter and drawing from someone whose friend likes Squaredy Cats. Sam's friend Madison drew us a picture, and we returned the favor by sending her a picture we did. So, now we're doing the same for Sam. Sam had a hopping idea to do a bunny Squaredy Cat, so we showed Sam our own Squaredy Cat dressed as a bunny. We're sending you some stickers to say thanks too!

Thanks, Sam!
We're not squared to LOVE 2b a bunny!


  1. Tengo que admitir que los Squaredy Cats son preciosos!! Mi mamá compró algunos en E-Bay y me los mandó acá, a Argentina.
    Ojalá se vendieran acá. A las chicas que conozco les gustan mucho!!

    1. We'd love to have Squaredy Cats in stores in Argentina! We'll try our best :) Thanks for being a fan.