Saturday, December 8, 2012

Some Brooklyn Love

We're pleased and proud to announce that Squaredy Cats are finally being embraced by a Brooklyn store! Please visit Kaleidoscope in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on 3rd Avenue between 87th and 88th Streets, and let them know how much you love Squaredy Cats.

Getting local support is extremely important to us. Monkey Doodle Dandy, the tiny company that invented Squaredy Cats was founded in Brooklyn; but, though Squaredy Cats are in stores all over the country, this is the first Brooklyn, NY specialty store to carry the plush!

If you live in Brooklyn or Bay Ridge specifically, show Kaleidoscope how smart they are! Shop local, and support the little stores and little companies :)

If you're a Squaredy Cats fan on Facebook say hi to Kaleidoscope on their timeline.

If you tweet with Squaredy Cats say hi to Kaleidoscope on Twitter.

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