Wednesday, December 5, 2012

English to Spanish challenge

Help us out, and help Ornella from Argentina!

We got an interesting email from a Squaredy Cats fan from Argentina, and it inspires us to put the challenge out there. We could use your help!

When we first conceived of Squaredy Cats and the phrase "not squared to..." we did initially think it might be a problem translating, but we had no idea that there would be so many languages and fans around the world that this would really be an immediate problem for us.

The problem is that "squared," though an English word, does not translate well into other languages for the meaning we intended since we're using it as a pun for "scared." But since the cats are square (really cubes), well, you know the rest…

Ornella, our fan from Argentina has posed this question to us: How does Squaredy translate to Spanish. The short answer: We don't know! Somebody help so we can answer her.

Pasted below is her email in its entirety. She also posted a pic of one of the Squaredy Cats that she likes. Please excuse the translation to English:

My name is Ornella, I´m from Argentina! Im a big fan of the squaredy Cats! My mom bought they in internet. (I´m not sure if that was very well saying)
I have a challenge for YOU:
You have to translate "Squaredy Cats" to Spanish.
You will say: ¡But that is easy! Try. It. It´s very Hard.
I speak Spanish and I can´t do it.
It´s going to be fun!!
Thank you

Thanks, Ornella! We hope to find an answer soon :)

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